Why You Are Not Getting Hired? – Top Reasons

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Not getting callbacks? Here are the reasons. Learn how to fix them.

The job-hunting process is one of the most frustrating scenarios and even tough but for instance, you have found a job. You’re the most qualified person, you have applied for several jobs yet not getting interview calls.

Where are you lacking?  

Knowing the reason why you are not getting hired can help you better prepare for your next job.

Experts from top cv writing service uk have shared the following are the most common reasons holding you back, fix it to get hired faster in your next job.

Reason Why Are Not Getting Hired

You have a lack of interview skills – Maybe you’re not sure what to say about your greatest strength and weakness. You have a list of demands or you skip the thank you note.

You didn’t research the company – You haven’t spent much time learning about the company. Such as, who is the CEO?  What are the company's goals and mission? What company culture is like? Or what the role entails?

You’ve lack of passion – Hiring managers can easily sense if you are not excited about this job.
They aspire to see passionate and enthusiastic candidates.

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