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Who We Are

Menagerie - an unusual and varied group of people.

We are fed up ordinary Americans (implementing a new social media platform) that are on a mission to end poverty in the U.S by donating 80% of all platform profits to Public Good initiatives. Money will be raised for Public Good with each sign up! Just by creating a profile and inviting other ambassadors (friends, family, colleagues, etc.), you will be supporting critical core social justice causes that will aid in the self-resolution of poverty as well as a plethora of interconnected, interrelated and underlying social justice issues in the United States.

Your sign up will directly support: Debt-Free College Debt-Relief, Job Guarantee-Full Employment, Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Universal Healthcare, National Childcare, Rainy Day Fund and Public Banking.

If the Coronavirus pandemic has taught we ordinary Americans anything, it is that far too much wealth (which equates to power, special access and favors) accumulates at the top of the “Wealth-Arc curve pandemic” we have been experiencing for far too long.


Economies can only be regarded as inclusive when everyone can participate no matter their circumstance. Inclusive economies are critical to shaping free, fair and informed societies. Data has become the world’s most valuable commodity. Economists have called it the ‘oil of the 21st Century’. But, unlike oil, data is a renewable resource made by We The People (the public), who are constantly giving it away, while billion-dollar tech companies profit from monetizing us ordinary Americans AND paying no taxes. Our goal is to use this valuable commodity for Public Good. All Public Good profits will be allocated to our public good initiative – The Peoples’ Empowerment Project, which is being implemented by The Brain Fund, Inc. a not-for-profit national organization dedicated to creating a mutually beneficial social media platform for everyone that want their monetarily valuable data used for Public Good and specifically to support our goal of ending poverty. Our platform’s profits will be split as follows: Public Good 80%, Platform Ambassadors 10% and Investors 10%.

Individuals, churches, colleges, groups, K-12, nonprofits, unions and others are ALL encouraged to become Ambassadors (paid) in our quest to finally end poverty (an ongoing battle of more than 57 years that remains unaddressed in the political arena) while simultaneously aiding in the self-resolution of the plethora of interconnected, interrelated and underlying social justice issues crippling our nation.

We The People must actively and deliberately facilitate cooperation and collaboration in replacing chaos and competition if we are to be successful in achieving our gargantuan mission.

Only We The People as ordinary individuals can change this untenable economic dynamic.

Join us on our mission to change the status quo! ')